It’s Time for a GETAWAY!

At GETAWAY DENTAL, our prices are always as low as they can be, while still offering the highest level of quality. We don’t offer special promotions or discounts. What we offer is the lowest prices on the best quality dental care and a bonus to help our patients cover part or all of their airfare expenses…for patients that qualify. There are clinics in Costa Rica that offer lower prices, but none with a lifetime guarantee on their dental implants, and none that use the highest quality materials from the USA and Germany. Why take a chance just to save a few extra dollars?

Patients that invest in quality care from reputable dental clinics benefit in the long run.


  • Assurance of safety from an accredited clinic
  • Quality dental care may cost slightly more, but will last much longer
  • Quality dental care results in fewer repairs
  • Confidence that your dental procedures are performed by specialists