Clinic FAQs

1Who will be responsible for my treatment?
This will be assigned when you make your appointment. We have different specialists for different treatments. One of our prosthodontists will do your initial exam and consultation. After a treatment plan is developed, we will assign the specialists. You can read their information and find their CVs on our website.
2What are their qualifications?
You can read each of the doctor’s resumes on our website.
3How much experience do you have with doing extractions, crowns, root canals?
The doctors each have had several years of experience. You can find additional details at
4Who can I contact for advice after the treatment?
Our dental clinic patient care coordinator is available and your patient sales coordinator is available as well. Any one of our doctors can also give you a call or speak to your dentist in the US if you need them to do so.
5Do you provide any sort of guarantee on your work?
GETAWAY Dental will replace dental implants at no additional charge, in cases where there has been no osseointegration or where osseointegration has failed. We also offer a One Year Guarantee on Crowns, Bridges & Restorations. See our guarantee page for additional details.
6What payment methods do you accept?
GETAWAY DENTAL accepts cash, advance wire-transfers, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can find more information on our payment page.

Dental Tourism FAQs

1Where should I stay?
We have a link to recommended hotels and B&Bs on our website.
2Where should I eat?
This will depend on your stay. Typically, you will need to buy some groceries and eat only as recommended by the doctors. Only soft food if you are having surgery. We will provide you with a list of recommendations.>
3What is there to do in your city?
We focus on the dental portion of your trip. TripAdvisor has some good recommendations, but I would advise that you plan something before your treatment. You will need to remain relaxed and focused on healing depending on the treatment you have done.
4How many trips to your country will be required?
This will depend on your treatment plan, but generally two trips are necessary. Six months for osseointegration is required for healing.
5What if I have a problem afterward? Who will pay for the additional work?
We offer a guarantee on our work and we are able to speak with your dentist in the US should you need us to. We will repair or replace our work per the guarantee at no extra cost – but we do not pay for hotel or travel costs. This is an interesting article regarding Dental Tourism.
5What are the country’s health standards?
Costa Rica is very strict and each clinic must maintain standards set by the Ministerio de Salud (Health Ministry) of Costa Rica.