Select a hotel from the list below and fill out the form on the page. Our Patient Coordinators will assist you with booking a hotel for your stay in Costa Rica.

GETAWAY DENTAL will include transportation from specific hotels and B&B’s when the accommodations are booked through us or directly with the accommodations provider as directed by GETAWAY DENTAL. GETAWAY DENTAL has special transportation arrangements with several hotels and B&B’s.


Effective September 1, 2022, GETAWAY DENTAL will only provide free transportation – (clinic/hotel transfers) to patients staying at Goodness House or one of our approved hotel partners. Patients that choose accommodations at unapproved hotels or B&Bs will need to provide their own transportation to and from GETAWAY DENTAL. We will continue to provide free airport transfers to all patients in the San Jose metro area.

GETAWAY DENTAL cannot guarantee transportation services will be included in the rates if the patient books accommodations through another online source such as,, Trivago or other third-party reservation systems. We cannot guarantee transportation if your hotel is located outside of Escazu. Please check with our accommodations staff to see if your hotel is qualified for our transportation services.

NOTE: For patients booking a consultation only, the pick up at the airport is not offered.